GE Water 매각 진행

 물산업 분야에서 세계적으로 가장 큰 제조업체의 하나, GE의 물산업 부문. 놀랍게도 GE그룹은 2017년 중반까지 이를 매각하기로 최근 결정하였다. GE 그룹은 2000년초반에 5조원 이상의 큰 투자를 통해 GE Water를 산업용수 분야 세계 1인자로 만들었다. 하지만, 최근 석유 및 가스 개발에 대규모 투자를 하면서 이 분야 집중을 위해 물산업 부문을 매각하기로 결정한 것이다. 

“On October 31, 2016, following the announcement of a proposed combination of GE’s Oil & Gas business with Baker Hughes, GE has confirmed it is exploring options for selling the Water & Process Technologies business. 

The plan to divest the water business is a strategic decision that provides an opportunity to reposition the business for growth and further invest for long-term success.

GE Water & Process Technologies will operate business as usual through this process and will continue to meet its commitments to its valued customers and employees. GE is targeting to complete the sale of the Water business by mid-2017.”

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